Text Messaging

The quickest and most personal solution for connecting with your community.

We offer affordable, pay-as-you-go texting plans so you can share important information about events, direct supporters to your donation page, and even call for volunteers.

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Why Use Text Messaging?

Organizations need to keep up with the digital world we live in. All it takes is one text message to:

  Drive visitors to your website for critical alerts

  Boost giving on your donation web pages

  Increase registrations for your events

  Recruit volunteers to help with programs

Simple Implementation

Save time and effort by creating straightforward text-to-donate campaigns for your donors.


Stay within your nonprofit’s budget and reduce the money you spend on campaigns.

Conversion Rates

Send impactful messages to increase messaging open rates and donation conversion rates.

Boosted Donation

Make it easier for people to donate in only a few clicks to increase donation dollars.


Benefits of Working with OneEach Technologies

We are nonprofit text message experts.

We will create a tailored approach to setting up text messaging for your nonprofit intended to boost the donations you receive.

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Let's Try It Out

01 ⇢ Grab your mobile phone

02 ⇢ Send the word 'Sample' as a text message to the number 313131 (capitalization doesn’t matter for keywords)

03 ⇢ You will receive a reply that links to a donation page right on our demo site

04 ⇢ Click on the link and explore