Mindful Giving

The Key to Donor Engagement

OneEach Technologies understands that online donor engagement is critical for your organization’s fundraising strategy. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Amazon Business to bring you OneEach Mindful Giving to automate the process for your donors to easily give in-kind product donations right from your website with a familiar shopping cart experience.

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What is OneEach Mindful Giving?

OneEach Mindful Giving is an in-kind giving solution that allows your donors to view, select, and pay for direct-to-site product donations right from your website. By leveraging an integration with Amazon Business, the OneEach Mindful Giving solution can reduce the inefficiencies of manual in-kind donation processing, provide customized experiences for donors, and make data-driven decisions based on donor engagement. This helps you establish new digital identifiers to track, thank, and report on activities while maintaining donor anonymity and privacy standards.

How Can OneEach Mindful Giving Increase Donor Engagement?

Streamlined online purchasing and shipping of products is a game-changer for your organization to engage donors and transform the in-kind donation process. OneEach Mindful Giving is an intuitive donation experience and provides the familiar Amazon online shopping experience your donors are used to. No longer do donors have to go to the store to purchase products, then travel to another location to box up those items for shipping. OneEach Mindful Giving makes the giving process easy and convenient.

  Drive Donor Engagement
  Create a new way for donors to directly engage with your organization.


  Simplify the Giving Process
  Make it easier to receive gifts-in-kind donations.


  Ensure a Quality Experience
  Encourage the best and easiest giving mechanisms for donors.


  Increase Donor Retention
  Increase the LTV of existing donors and encourage new donors.

Did You Know?


In 2016, Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce at 56 million.

84% give to charity and nonprofits

Prefer to give online

$1.4 trillion spending power

OneEach Mindful giving can help your nonprofit appeal to Millennials by letting them see their impact through in-kind product donations.

How Can You Integrate OneEach Mindful Giving On Your Website?

After creating an Amazon Business account, you can integrate a OneEach Mindful Giving digital storefront to your website.

It’s as easy as 123:

Benefits of Working with OneEach Technologies

100% of the donation goes to your nonprofit (unlike others that charge a percentage)

Flat annual rate of $2,400 or $225 per month that is easy to budget (a fraction of what others charge)

Amazon Business integration partner

Tenured nonprofit website development team

U.S. based contacts for support and service